Python 在 Xcode 7

Python in Xcode 7

python xcode xcode7
提问时间: 2011-03-11 18:40:01

文件是通用 (三段),但它不包含对静态库在 iOS 中,%ARMv7 的片错误仍绕过吗?

File is universal (three slices), but it does not contain a(n) ARMv7-s slice error for static libraries on iOS, anyway to bypass?

ios objective-c xcode ios6 static-libraries
提问时间: 2012-09-13 08:15:38

传输安全已阻止明文 HTTP

Transport security has blocked a cleartext HTTP

ios xcode swift ios9 app-transport-security
提问时间: 2015-07-06 20:10:21

Xcode 7 错误:"丢失的 iOS 分发签名标识的..."

Xcode 7 error: “Missing iOS Distribution signing identity for …”

ios xcode itunesconnect code-signing testflight
提问时间: 2015-09-28 10:50:34

Xcode 进程启动失败︰ 安全

Xcode process launch failed: Security

ios xcode process build
提问时间: 2014-09-13 15:50:07

在 XCode 中的版本与生成

Version vs build in XCode

ios xcode
提问时间: 2011-07-27 21:48:15

加载的钢笔尖但查看插座没有设置-InterfaceBuilder 的新

Loaded nib but the view outlet was not set - new to InterfaceBuilder

ios xcode ios5 interface-builder xib
提问时间: 2011-01-21 20:35:37

Codesign 错误︰ 设置配置文件找不到删除过期配置文件后

Codesign error: Provisioning profile cannot be found after deleting expired profile

ios objective-c xcode codesign
提问时间: 2009-11-19 02:28:54

"警告︰ iPhone 应用程序应包括一个 armv6 的体系结构"甚至与生成配置集

“Warning: iPhone apps should include an armv6 architecture” even with build config set

ios xcode
提问时间: 2010-11-16 20:35:58

"同意 Xcode/iOS 许可证要求管理员权限,请为根重新运行通过 sudo。"使用 GCC 时

“Agreeing to the Xcode/iOS license requires admin privileges, please re-run as root via sudo.” when using GCC

ios xcode gcc
提问时间: 2014-10-04 21:25:32

Xcode 6 奇怪错误︰ 未知的类接口生成器文件中

Xcode 6 Strange Bug: Unknown class in Interface Builder file

ios xcode swift uistoryboard xcode6
提问时间: 2014-07-24 04:09:35

如何传递 prepareForSegue︰ 对象

How to pass prepareForSegue: an object

ios xcode uitableview mapkit storyboard
提问时间: 2011-10-23 04:34:43

模拟使用 Xcode 6 中的自动版式约束方面调整行为

Emulating aspect-fit behaviour using AutoLayout constraints in Xcode 6

ios objective-c xcode autolayout
提问时间: 2014-09-10 13:28:11

iPhone 应用程序签名︰ 您钥匙链中找不到有效的签名标识匹配此配置文件

iPhone app signing: A valid signing identity matching this profile could not be found in your keychain

ios xcode
提问时间: 2008-09-20 15:00:47


EXC_BAD_ACCESS signal received

iphone objective-c ios xcode cocoa-touch
提问时间: 2008-11-29 02:50:26

Cocoapods 警告-CocoaPods 未设置项目的基本配置,因为由于您的项目已有一个自定义的配置设置

Cocoapods Warning - CocoaPods did not set the base configuration of your project because because your project already has a custom config set

ios xcode cocoapods
提问时间: 2014-10-09 20:08:09

NSTimer︰ 浮点值无法转换为 UInt8 因为它大于 UInt8.max

NSTimer: floating point value can not be converted to UInt8 because it is greater than UInt8.max

xcode swift timer int nstimer
提问时间: 2014-12-31 00:00:00

iOS 8-performSegueWithIdentifier 加载视图,但直到我点击屏幕不显示

iOS 8 - performSegueWithIdentifier loads view but doesn't show until I tap the screen

ios iphone xcode swift
提问时间: 2014-12-31 00:00:00

使用 NSTimer 和 UIImageView 帧的位置的动画

Animation using NSTimer and the position of the UIImageView frame

ios objective-c xcode animation
提问时间: 2014-12-31 00:00:00


Displaying Image On Button Swift

xcode button swift uiimage
提问时间: 2014-12-31 00:00:00

更改只 iPhone 4s 的标签中的字体大小,这是否可能?

Changing font size in a label for only iPhone 4s, is this possible?

ios xcode swift
提问时间: 2014-12-31 00:00:00


Archive submission failed due to info.plist

ios iphone xcode app-store plist
提问时间: 2014-12-31 00:00:00


How to use generic protocol as a variable type

ios xcode generics swift
提问时间: 2014-12-31 00:00:00

从 applicationwillresignactive 中的函数调用

Calling a function from within applicationwillresignactive

ios xcode swift
提问时间: 2014-12-31 00:00:00

如何使用 audioFileWritePackets 创建一个新文件上设置持续时间?

How do you set the duration on a new file created with audioFileWritePackets?

ios objective-c xcode
提问时间: 2014-12-31 00:00:00

如何将 xcrun 环境变量传递给 Calabash 启动程序?

How to pass xcrun environment variables to Calabash launcher?

ios xcode calabash calabash-ios
提问时间: 2014-12-31 00:00:00

iPhone 6 加解决混乱︰ Xcode 或苹果的网站吗?开发

iPhone 6 Plus resolution confusion: Xcode or Apple's website? for development

ios xcode ios-simulator iphone-6 iphone-6-plus
提问时间: 2014-09-10 00:14:43

是否可以安装 iOS 6 SDK Xcode 5?

Is it possible to install iOS 6 SDK on Xcode 5?

ios xcode ios6 xcode5
提问时间: 2013-08-24 22:43:42

为什么不是项目名称 Prefix.pch 中自动创建 Xcode 6?

Why isn't ProjectName-Prefix.pch created automatically in Xcode 6?

ios xcode xcode6
提问时间: 2014-06-11 08:57:19

Xcode 6 gitignore 文件应包括哪些内容?

What should Xcode 6 gitignore file include?

ios iphone xcode git
提问时间: 2013-09-22 01:27:28